About The Yarn Agency

Vibeke Munk has been knitting since she was 10 years old thanks to her aunt who taught her the craft.

Originally, Vibeke is a trained social worker and has worked within this field for 33 years, including 18 years as an independent consultant and as an entrepreneur behind several social economic ventures. On top of this, she has also been plying her trade as a teacher, lecturer and columnist.

The fruition of The Yarn Agency is nonetheless a lifelong dream coming into existence. In 2020, Vibeke finally decided to realize her urge of pursuing an avenue of creativity. In tandem with her entrepreneurial endeavor, Vibeke has also embarked on various knitting and design courses at Danish educational institutions.
In addition, Vibeke has published the book “Plant dyeing – how to get started” with publisher Koustrup & Co.

The Yarn Agency primarily draws inspiration from Vibeke’s favorite destinations of Sweden, New England and Provence. The changing colors of the seasons at these locations are expressed in The Yarn Agency’s products and designs.

You can follow Vibeke on Instagram at @garnstyrelsen